Happy Holidays From the Super Sabre Society

Christmas is the time of year when family and friends seem even more important

than the rest of the year. We are long past the joy of presents, our joy comes from

kids, grandkids, and memories. Grandkids cuddle or gather at our feet by warm fires

and see us dozing off, often smiling, and wonder why. They wonder what we are

thinking, but we’re not really thinking at all, we’re remembering – remembering

things that only we know – faces, voices, old airplanes, afterburner lights,

compressor stalls, adverse yaw, alert, bad weather, night, long over water

deployments, radio failures, ORIs, Stan Evals, checkrides, Stead, water survival,

Snake School, peace, war, smoke, flames, gunfire, SAMs, beepers, Friday nights at the

O-Club – we’ve seen it all and only we know what it means – We few, we happy few,

we band of brothers.

At Christmas, we remember each other and pray for the safety of our troops and

wisdom for our leaders – ONWARD AND UPWARD!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God Bless America, the land that we love

From the Board and officers of the Super Sabre Society

Shep, Eddie, Dick, Leo, Jim, Medley, JJ, Win, Dewey, Dave, Pete