Lee Raymond Allmann Headed West, March 21, 2017

Lee Allmann headed West March 21, 2017.  Lee Started as a SAC Nav at Mountain Home, AFB, where he met his wife Vicki. He then went to USAF Pilot Traning in the F-100 training at with the 522nd TFS at Cannon AFB, NM, followed by a year with the 352nd TFS at Phan Rang in Viet Nam.  From there to Woodbridge in the F-100 in the 79th TFS then Upper Heyford in the F-111. Lee’s memories were flying, Nuc alert, parties, and Tiger days gatherings of various nations fighter pilots.

From there he was sent to England to Woodbridge AB with the 79th TFS.

Lee’s memories were flying, “Nuclear Alert” parties, and “Tiger Days” gatherings of fighter pilots from many nations.

His wife Vicki, sons Andrew & Eric, and two grandchildren survive him.  For 50 years he was an outstanding friend. If you’re nearby, toss a nickel in lake Coeur d’Alene, where Lee spent his last 20 years.

“The winds of grace are always blowing; it is for us to raise our sails.” (by Anonymous). This was Vicki’s message of notification of Lee’s passing. She added…”Lee was in very bad health and had been at a nursing home in Sandpoint Idaho.   Also, as an aside, he loved the Intake magazine.”