Lee R. Allman Headed West

Lee Allmann headed west March 21, 2017.  Lee Started as a SAC Nav at Mountain Home, where he met wife Vicki, he went to USAF Pilot Traning, F-100 training at with the 522nd TFS at Cannon AFB, NM, Followed by a year with the 352nd TFS at Phan Rang in Viet Nam.  From there to Woodbridge in the F-100 in the 79th TFS then Upper heyford in the F-111. Lee’s memories were flying, Nuc alert, parties, and Tiger days gatherings of various nations fighter  pilots.

He then transitioned to the F-111 in 1970 where he  stayHome again.  Squadron and Maintenance flight test jobs.  ed in ’till retirement.  Las vegas a few years, then Mountain

His wife Vicki, sons Andrew & Eric, and two grandchildren survive him.  For 50 years he was an outstanding friend. Toss a nickle in lake Coeur d’Alene, where Lee spent the last 20 years the last 20 years.

The winds of grace are always blowing; it is for us to raise our sails. ~anonymous ~ This was Vicki’s message of notification. She added…”Lee was in Very bad health, nursing home in Sandpoint Idaho.   Also, as an aside, he loved the Intake magazine.”