John Granskog – Caterpillar Club

Granskog-John-AU-1P-BorderI was Flying an F-100 S/N 55-3735 at Luke on 31 Mar 1966. I was flying number two returning from a range mission. Luke was landing to the southwest and we just passed the White Tank mountains starting a right turn for initial when the engine flamed out. We were at about 1,500 Ft AGL and I pulled the nose up, turned left toward an unpopulated area and went through the airstart procedure to no avail. Set up a glide at 220 knots, rechecked all switches and confirmed that I had an ignition light but no start, looked outside and decided it was time to eject.

Ejection was uneventful as all the systems worked as advertised. As the chute opened the aircraft hit the ground at my 12 o’clock in perfectly wings level flight. The impact showed an imprint of the fuselage, drop tanks and rocket rails. According to the tapes from Luke tower, it was 50 seconds from the time I called flameout and the flight lead called me out of the airplane. The time was 9:04 AM.

Investigation showed the female teeth turning the fuel pump were totally worn and consequently no fuel flow and no possibility of an airstart.