Thursday 16 May 2019 (0830- 1600)

We’ll depart to Stinson Field in the morning. There are museums to visit and popular stores that the ladies will enjoy.

Pilots can fly the Stearman. The airplanes are restored PT-17 Stearmans, open cockpit, bi-wing, tail draggers that are first class. You will fly in the front seat with controls. The flights will take off from Stinson Field in San Antonio, head South around the lakes for about 20 minutes. If you have never flown an open cockpit tail dragger it will be a great experience.

Bring a camera for a photo to hang in your “I Love Me Room”. Backups for inclement weather are on Friday or Saturday.

These flights will actually be free but we are suggesting that the flyers make a donation to the Dream Flight foundation to pay for fuel and operation costs. These folks from Ageless Aviation do a fantastic job with our fellow Warriors that find themselves in nursing homes or assisted living. They fly 600 to 800 guys a year all over the country. The Super Sabre Society’s suggested donation is $100.00. To be determined by your fun factor.

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