Mary Elizabeth “MB” Barrett has captured the F-100’s legacy

To date, we have added and updated 595 bio pages for members. We began with 100 just over a year ago. There are still more than 700 to go and we are making progress every week. Why does this matter? Every journey, every narrative, every day of your service is the history of our country not found in textbooks.

I’ve been recording veteran history for over 30 years. The life story of a veteran is a connection for next generations. You’d be surprised how often people contact me about a relative’s WWII service; their dad, granddad, great-grandad, uncle. You may believe that when you “Head West” your story will end but I can guarantee you, this is not the case. The need to connect to the past is great. The lessons learned are invaluable. YOUR story makes history come alive.

Thank you for your cooperation and your willingness to share. I look forward to writing more of the Super Sabre Society’s remarkable legacy.

Mary Elizabeth “MB” Barrett
SSS Legacy Team