We added 30 More SSS Bio’s at the Las Vegas Reunion

As we review this past week’s Las Vegas reunion, think about this… the world needs to hear your story.

The Super Sabre Society Board of Directors has been placing great emphasis on getting your biographies. Why? Because it’s time to share your story. This is not to be your typical bio, your resume or your curriculum vitae, though it will contain some statistics about you. These are your personal narratives – of events, of people and of places that made up a vital part of America’s history of flight. The telling of the crucial circumstances in your life as a Super Sabre pilot…one of a select group of men who truly uphold the motto “First Class or Not At All”.

Our stories are not for our members only. They’re also for your sons and daughters, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will want to know the details of your life and your service. They’re for the 15-year-old writing a paper on the jet fighters of the Vietnam War, or for the aircraft aficionado seeking all the information on the USAF’s first-century series Fighter. It’s the truth of the matter, where you mattered.

Imagine a place where you can read about a pilot caught in a tree in enemy territory, another understanding his mission could change the face of our planet, or a man flying a jet around the perimeter of the United States to meet his girl in Texas, these are the focus of our narratives.

Take the time, share a tale of what made being a Super Sabre pilot the best job in the world. We’ll be here to help, whether to record, to transcribe or to edit. You’ll have the experience of writers, editors, and publishers helping you to share your memories. It’s up to you to rally for the cause with stories to unite us, to enlighten and to teach.

From the Las Vegas reunion attendees we added 30 new biographies and personal stories. Here’s the bio we most recently completed for Dr. Bill Barry.

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