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The F-100 Super Sabre Legacy Continues

Hayden Lockhart – First USAF POW in Vietnam

This story starts at takeoff at Da Nang AB, South Vietnam on a bombing mission in North Vietnam about 7 miles North of the DMZ and ends at arrival at the infamous prison named by Vietnam POWs  “THE HANOI HILTON”.  MARCH 2-10, 1965


When people ask about being a POW, they want to know what the Hanoi Hilton was like. What happened in the Hilton was the same for all of us. But what happened before we got to the Hilton or some other site was quite different. Some pilots were shot down around Hanoi and immediately became POWs. Others marched long distances before they got to a camp. Some never made it to a camp those stories we will never hear; but most POWs have a unique story to tell about their shootdown and how they got to a POW camp. 

                       This narrative is my story…

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