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Keith Ferris

This is a picture of Mr. Ferris’ “oil study” painting used to develop the concept for his finished painting from which the lithographs are made.

Lithographs ordered

Limited Edition F-100 Aviation Art Print
– signed and numbered by Keith Ferris

The prints will show the F-100D “440” taking off at twilight on January 31, 1968, the first day of the Tet Offensive. The draft “oil study” is a pale shadow of the final oil painting and lithographs. The aircraft markings on the finished painting and Litho’s will be historically accurate. Overall print size is 20”H by 30”W. This is a Signed and Numbered Edition limited to 300 prints, offered to members of the Super Sabre Society at $250 each plus $15 S&H. All documentation for future provenance is included. Print condition is excellent, never framed and printed with high-quality ink on acid-free materials.

For additional information, click here.

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  • Lieutenant Hayden J. Lockhart was the first USAF Pilot to be shot down and captured during the Vietnam War. He was shot down March 2, 1965, while flying an F-100 Super Sabre with the 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron on flak suppression of an ammo dump. Lockhart’s F-100 was hit by ground fire, he ejected, and his chute was seen on the ground. Forty-five minutes later a rescue helicopter recovered his chute and helmet but there was no......

  •  ...

  • Bruce Gold and Larry Peters share their story of a harrowing night mission during the Battle of Dak To. See their bios for an account of this pivotal battle. Here are the direct links: Bruce Larry...

  • SSS member Joseph S. Gordy, Jr., 87, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret) of Greeley headed west on Feb. 9, 2017. He was born Sept. 30, 1929, to Joe and Vada (Gladish) Gordy, on a farm east of Weinert, Texas, where he grew up and attended school. On Sept. 3, 1949, Joe married Helen I. Rothe, at Cheyenne, Wyoming. He first enlisted in the Army Air Force on June 12, 1947, and served as an F-100 Crew......

  • Thomas Jefferson wrote it; Congress adopted it; John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, “…this will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America…” Fifty-six patriotic founders of our nation signed the document that day stating, “All men are created equal,” and guaranteeing certain unalienable rights of, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” A few days later George Washington read it to his ragtag Army in New York. The document severed the relationship between the Crown, Great......

  • The 2017 average rate for time on any website is 50-60 seconds. Readers who “bounce” meaning that they open the page and don’t click on anything spend only 5 seconds on a site. The latest statistics for the Super Sabre Society website show that visitors spend an average of 16.5 minutes, that’s minutes, not seconds, on our site. Site visits come from all over the world. Why? Because they’re reading our bios and then looking at other......

  • SSS member Robert L. Cass December 15, 1929 ~ February 11, 2017 (age 87) was born in Colorado Springs, CO. Bob  is survived by his loving wife Phyllis Minerva Cass of Mount Dora; sons Rob (Natliie) Cass, Jr. of Tavares and Stephen Cass of Atlanta, GA.; one grandchild Darian Cass of Tavares. Bob won his  in USAF Flying Training Class of 51-G and flew combat in Korea, 49th Fighter Group – 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron. 125 Combat......

  • U.S. Air Force Reserve Captain Joseph Smith has now been accounted for. On April 4, 1971, 1st Lt Smith was the pilot of a single-seat F-100D aircraft as the leader in a flight of two aircraft on a combat mission over Cambodia. While making a pass over the target, the pilot of the other aircraft noted white vapor streaming from the left wing of Smith’s aircraft. Smith’s aircraft crashed a half mile from the target.......

  • The Super Sabre Society website will now feature monthly stories about F-100 pilot's, so grandchildren and others in the year 2050 and beyond can hear about a pilot or family member's experience of the F-100, the first fighter capable of supersonic level flight. Duane and his F-100 in Vietnam This story is from this month's featured video by Duane Baker's son David. David was 5-years-old when his father was "Lost in Combat". Captain Duane S. Baker, United States Air Force, loved to fly. When he was four, his mom, “Lila” Marie Baker took him to an airshow. Fascinated, he asked her “what made it stay up.” From then on, all he ever wanted was to be a pilot. If he could connect it back to airplanes in school, he would, frustrating his teachers. One teacher assigned him a report about Native Americans, thinking this would give him a break from all the flying business. He found a Native American who was a pilot in WWII and wrote about the plane he flew. He graduated from Oregon State with an A average in Aeronautical Engineering. He joined the Air Force and wanted to fly the F-100 Super Sabre, known to pilots as the “The Hun”. In pilot training, he worked hard and graduated third in his class behind two former Air Force navigators, and second in the gunnery school class at Luke AFB behind an experienced pilot who was transitioning to fighters....

  • The Vietnam War was a defining event in our lifetime. It changed the nation. I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the 1-hour screening of the preview of Ken Burns’ epic 18-hour PBS series on the Vietnam War in D.C. last week at the Wilson Center. My reaction was – STARTLING, POWERFUL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING. The production includes a complex narrative of history, horror, humor, pride, shame, politics, combat as viewed from civilian and military......