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Keith Ferris

This is a picture of Mr. Ferris’ “oil study” painting used to develop the concept for his finished painting from which the lithographs are made.

Lithographs ordered

Limited Edition F-100 Aviation Art Print
– signed and numbered by Keith Ferris

The prints will show the F-100D “440” taking off at twilight on January 31, 1968, the first day of the Tet Offensive. The draft “oil study” is a pale shadow of the final oil painting and lithographs. The aircraft markings on the finished painting and Litho’s will be historically accurate. Overall print size is 20”H by 30”W. This is a Signed and Numbered Edition limited to 300 prints, offered to members of the Super Sabre Society at $250 each plus $15 S&H. All documentation for future provenance is included. Print condition is excellent, never framed and printed with high-quality ink on acid-free materials.

For additional information, click here.

What’s New

  • A fellow F-100 fighter pilot who friends say had smile that touched his eyes, headed west on May 20, 2017. Those to Paul say he wished his family and friends a fond farewell. Paul Phillips was born in Royal Oak Township, Michigan on June 11, 1932. His parents Paul Phillips and Marion Swan Phillips, immigrated from Macedonia and Scotland respectively. Paul grew up in Birmingham, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree......

  • Hi everyone, I had my gallbladder out on Friday so it will be a few days until I’m back to working on the bios. However, if you have a good F-100 story send it to me at and as soon as I am able, I will post it to your page....

  • To our U.S. Armed Forces: thanks for what you do for all of us, our families and our country. We admire you. We watch you in action all over the world. We wish we were young again and could serve with you side by side. We are older now and have seen a lot. We understand courage and professionalism and peace and war. You make us all proud. We have never seen better than you.......

  • The F-100 pilot’s often became Air Force leaders. Here three F-100 Pilot’s, Air Force Chief Gen Charles Gabriel, Lt Gen Merrill (Tony) McPeak, and BGen Jon A. Reynolds, Air Attache to China enroute to China for Airman for the first Airman to Airman talks. Gen Gabriel came face to face with the Mig pilot he had shot down Flying an F-86 from Kimpo AB, Korea (Charlie slept in a tent during his Kimpo tour). This......

  • Donald W. Martin headed west May 6th, after a long struggle with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.     Services are planned at the American Lutheran Church in Prescott, AZ on Saturday May 13th.   Don began pilot training in 1952 at Bartow AB in Florida in the T-6. In 1953 he was assigned to the 81st Fighter Squadron at Hahn Air Base, Germany where he flew the F-86. In 1958, the 81st relocated as the first unit to fly......

  • The Super Sabre Society website will now feature monthly stories about  F-100 pilot’s, so grandchildren and others in the year 2050 and beyond can hear about a pilot or family member’s experience of the F-100, the first fighter capable of supersonic level flight. This story is from this month’s featured video by Duane Baker’s son David. David was 5-years-old when his father was “Lost in Combat”. Captain Duane S. Baker, United States Air Force, loved......

  • Hi Everyone, I’ll be sending a weekly update on the status of the bios. This post will give you a list of the bios I’ll be working on for that week and times you can call if you prefer to have your bio recorded then transcribed. Thank you to all for giving me the opportunity to tell your stories. Each time I hear a new account of your time in the F-100 I end up......

  •   Leo K. Thorsness (February 14, 1932 – May 2, 2017) was born in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. During his youth, he was active in the Boy Scouts and became an Eagle Scout. He and Gaylee Anderson met in the freshman registration line at South Dakota State College in 1950. They married in 1953 and have one daughter, Dawn. In January 1951, Leo enlisted in the United States Air Force. He applied for flying school and......

  • …..and a good time was had by all…the 2017 Vegas reunion was by any measure a resounding success…and here’s a photo preview. It was a cacophony of camaraderie – friends who had not seen each other since pilot training, or Luke, slapped each other on the back, shook hands, hugged, toasted and even shed a few tears for those not present but sorely missed. It started Tuesday at the Gold Coast Hotel with a Flight......

  • As we review this past week’s Las Vegas reunion, think about this… the world needs to hear your story. The Super Sabre Society Board of Directors has been placing great emphasis on getting your biographies. Why? Because it’s time to share your story. This is not to be your typical bio, your resume or your curriculum vitae, though it will contain some statistics about you. These are your personal narratives – of events, of people......