Ronald R. Green, LtCol USAF, Ret., “Headed West” on April 16, 2024.

“Lieutenant Colonel Ron Green was born in Aberdeen, SD, then had short moves to Wyoming and Nebraska. Although Col Green took time off from the cockpit to obtain a Masters Degree from ASU in 1973 and served in the Pentagon from ‘74-‘78, he stayed a fighter pilot until retiring in 1980.  During this time, he flew 3150 hours in the F-100 and 900 hours in the F-4.  He flew out of or over most countries of the world.  This included 3 tours in Vietnam and totaled 292 Combat Missions (232 in the F-100 and 60 in the F-4) without sustaining a single hit.” (1)

Ron is survived by his wife Bette.

No other information was available at this time.

Source: (1) edited from


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