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The Intake — Journal of the Super Sabre Society is published three times per year: mid-March, mid-July and mid-November. This publication is normally a full color, 36–44 page document produced entirely by a volunteer staff. It features F-100/Hun history, heroics and humor. Two popular recurring items are the Stake Your Claim (SYC) Dept. and its “Scoreboard,” which tracks which member holds what title to valid claims of achievement or derring-do done in or in association with an F-100, AND the Dumb Things Done in a Hun (DTDH) Dept. and its “Roundup,” which tracks “who done it” and what they did!

I-37 Stake Your Claim “Scoreboard” (and the DTDH “Roundup”).  Click here for both documents.

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This Front Cover Image: SSSer Hun pilot and aviation artist George Dubick has finished another of his pen and ink illustrations and submitted it for use in our journal, The Intake. It’s rather unique because it depicts two different aircraft that George flew himself when he flew with the “Wild Weasel Air Museum” back in the day before they sold their F-model to Dean Cutshall. This Hun fine art is really unique because George used, for his inspiration, a full color, “Tri-media” picture of “948” provided by SSS Associate and aviation artist David Tipps. Thus, this is the first time we’ve used a piece of fine art that contains elements of the artistry of not one, but two SSS members.

Our featured article in this issue on page 27 is by SSSer Bob Spielman. Long story short of how we came by this story about one of the first successful raid on a key bridge in North Vietnam: Bob flew west on February 25, 2018. MB Barrett of the SSS Legacy Team couldn’t find a pic of him to go with his obit for his Bio pages on our website. Dick Pietro suggested we contact Bruce Cowee who had several good pictures of Bob supporting a story he wrote for Bruce’s book From Vietnam to Western Airlines. We got the needed pics. AND, we got permission to publish a slightly abridged version of Bob’s Sierra Hotel story about a successful raid against the infamous Paul Doumer Bridge. So here we celebrate Bob’s life by bringing his story to light for all Intake readers who don’t have their personal copies of Bruce’s book Volume 1 (now a series going on Volume 3). Enjoy! Ed.

Our second featured article, on page 32 is by SSSer Greg Butler, a frequent contributor to our journal. Greg’s story, Chasing the Four-Star, is about a clandestine mission given to him at the request of General William “Spike” Momyer himself, then commanding TAC in the early days of the A-7D SLUF Program. Yes, it’s not an F-100 story, but the author was a Hun jock before he became a SLUF driver, and the Intake Publisher deems this secret-till-now, one-of-a-kind mission to be of great interest to readers of our journal. (Many of our pilot members were the cadre for the various A-7D pilot training programs, or students in those programs.) What was the nature of that request from “Spike”? You guessed it—he wanted to get a familiarization flight in a one-seater, which was taboo in those days for general officers! So, how did this trick go down? “Now it can be told,” says Greg! And it is fascinating! Ed.

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