The Intake

The Intake — Journal of the Super Sabre Society is published three times per year: mid-March, mid-July and mid-November. This publication is normally a full color, 36–40 page document produced entirely by a volunteer staff. It features F-100/Hun history, heroics and humor. Two popular recurring items are the Stake Your Claim (SYC) Dept. and its “Scoreboard,” which tracks which member holds what title to valid claims of achievement or derring-do done in or in association with an F-100, AND the Dumb Things Done in a Hun (DTDH) Dept. and its “Roundup,” which tracks “who done it” and what they did!

Stake Your Claim “Scoreboard” (and the DTDH “Roundup”). Click here for the I-33 SYC Scoreboard

What’s in the Spring 2017, Issue 33 of The Intake? Click either image below to view a full size preview of each page.

Intake Issue 33 Spring 2017

The Front Cover image is from our Hun Fine Art Collection. It’s a masterpiece painting of Serial 55-3780 by SSSer and aviation artist Stan Stokes who painted it for his friend Al Dempsey some years ago. The picture shows the Hun in the colors of the 458th TFS as it looked when Al flew it back at Tinker from ’56 – ’58.  Them were the days!

Our first full article in this issue is a report on a Celebration of Life for recently departed SSS Member and Giant in the world of aviation, Bob Hoover. It was held at the Clay Lacy Aviation hangar at Van Nuys Airport on 18 November. It included three separate honor flybys down the runway after the indoor program that lasted about an hour. Not a dry eye could be found after the final, “missing man” flight passed out of sight!

Our featured article in this issue is  titled Portrait of a Warrior: Jack Doub, “The Golden G-Suit’.” Eerily, Jack (one of our most prolific biographical contributing editors since Day 1 of The Intake) few west less than a month before we finished this Part I of a three-part series about the life and times of “The Golden G-Suit.”  The author of this series (already acclaimed by members) is our Edtior, John J. Schulz who had been interviewing Jack, so the series will be a biography “As told to JJ Schulz,” instead of  an autobiography “By Jack Doub” himself. But trust us, the real, almost unbelievable Jake Doub shine through in Schulzie’s prose … as he did in life!


Medley Gatewood 10

Publisher Gatewood

Invitation to Join US: As members of the Super Sabre Society know, these three articles will be riveting, “must reads.” For those Hun drivers viewing this announcement, but who are not yet Society members, we hope the Front Cover and Contents, along with the promised reads of these three article synopses will stimulate you to go to our Join-up Page (click link here) and become one of us!

Just imagine 36-40 or more real pages in your own hands full of astounding stories of Hun-related history, heroics and humor. What’s not to like for three issues per year, plus lots of other member benefits, for only $35 per calendar year!

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  Medley Gatewood

Founding Member and Publisher of The Intake.

We’ll leave you with a copy of the proverbial “Big Picture” of Issue 33. All 36 pages!

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