The Intake

The Intake — Journal of the Super Sabre Society is published three times per year: mid-March, mid-July and mid-November. This publication is normally a full color, 36–44 page document produced entirely by a volunteer staff. It features F-100/Hun history, heroics and humor. Two popular recurring items are the Stake Your Claim (SYC) Dept. and its “Scoreboard,” which tracks which member holds what title to valid claims of achievement or derring-do done in or in association with an F-100, AND the Dumb Things Done in a Hun (DTDH) Dept. and its “Roundup,” which tracks “who done it” and what they did!

I-40 Stake Your Claim “Scoreboard” (and the DTDH “Roundup”).  Click here for both documents.

What’s in the Summer 2019, Issue 40 of The Intake? Click either image below to view a full size preview of each page.

This Front Cover image is another picture perfect photograph from our Hun Aerial Refueling Collection:

SSS Photo Editor Shaun Ryan provided this stunning photograph from his stash of superior aviation pictures. When he sent the pic to us recently, we assumed Shaun was the Photog going back to early Hun days for the Tucson ANG “Tigres.” But “NO,” said Shaun. Turns out he came by the pic around four or five years ago when the 152nd Photo shop was “cleaning house” and giving all sorts of historic stuff away. Thank goodness for Shaun’s sharp eye!

Here’s what Shaun can positively say or conjecture: Pic was taken in the early Hun years because the Tanker is a Missouri ANG KC-97. One of the 152nd Photo shop guys probably took the pic. Most likely, it was on a four-ship training mission with the Photo guy filling the bucket on No. 4. Anyone with more about this pic, please sound off to Shaun, Medley or JJ. Don’t be bashful!

Pagewise, we call your attention to Page 8, the first of 12 consecutive pages orchestrated by our Publisher, yours truly, R. Medley Gatewood, titled Reunion 2019 — After Action Report. It covers our seventh biennial reunion, this year at the vintage Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX. See the reunion banner created by Ms. “MB” Barrett, a valued member of our Legacy Website Development Team.

Most of the editions of our journal, The Intake, include 12 “centerfold” pictures similar to the one of Shaun Ryan (above), that we call “The Way We Were” Dept., meaning 50-60 years ago. But for the biennial reunions, with LOTs of  new “now” pictures, the subtitle for the reunions is something like this: “The Way We Were ARE – Seventh Iteration,” with a prominent strike-through on the word “Were”!

Anyhow, this edition of the After Action Report has already been deemed by our members to be “The Best Yet,” and we thank them for that appraisal.

Our designated “Feature” article for Issue 40 is on page 30. Not surprisingly, it’s another in our now-popular series “From a Wife’s Perspective,” but this article is a bit different because it’s sort of a two-for-one accomplishment.

That is The DAUGHTER of a recently “flown west” friend of an SSS Member (the friend is Keith Heiniger, Misty 15, who flew 356 combat missions in North and South Vietnam), asked if she could do an article about her Dad. Naturally, we thought that a GREAT idea and told the daughter (Christine Heiniger Johnson), “By all means!”

We’re not sure how it happened, but by the time Christine’s article arrived, there was another, but separate article attached to her file about Keith Heiniger (maybe a little shorter than Christine’s) by Peggy Heiniger … Keith’s wife!

So, this is a first for our original series written only by Hun Driver “wives”; it is a Daughter and Mother duo who saw their mutual Hun Driver Hero in slightly different perspectives (as one would expect), but both written, “With Love.” A great read!   It goes nicely with 39 other pages of real “Hun Stuff.”

For a closer glance at the full menu of items in this issue, please click on the Table of Contents page above.

Medley Gatewood 10Invitation to Join US: As members of the Super Sabre Society know, ALL of our journal’s articles are riveting, “must reads.” For those Hun drivers viewing this announcement, but who are not yet Society members, we hope the Front Cover and our featured articles, along with the promised reads in the Table of Contents will stimulate you to go to our Join-up Page (click link here) and become one of us!

Just imagine 36-44 or more real pages in your own hands full of astounding stories of Hun-related history, heroics and humor. What’s not to like for three issues per year, plus lots of other member benefits, for only $35 per calendar year! Bye for now.

Medley Gatewood
Founding SSS Member and Publisher of The Intake.

We’ll leave you with a copy of the proverbial “Big Picture” of Issue 40. All 40 pages!

Check out that back cover!!!

If you were ever an F-100 Pilot, Wild Weasel “Bear,” or Flight Surgeon aircrew, and you’re NOT an SSS member, you’re going to want to join up after looking at this colorful collection of Hun-driver eye candy. So, click on the Regular Membership Application link on our Home Page and just DO IT!

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