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The Intake — Journal of the Super Sabre Society is published three times per year: mid-March, mid-July and mid-November. This publication is normally a full color, 36–44 page document produced entirely by a volunteer staff. It features F-100/Hun history, heroics and humor. Two popular recurring items are the Stake Your Claim (SYC) Dept. and its “Scoreboard,” which tracks which member holds what title to valid claims of achievement or derring-do done in or in association with an F-100, AND the Dumb Things Done in a Hun (DTDH) Dept. and its “Roundup,” which tracks “who done it” and what they did!

Stake Your Claim “Scoreboard” (and the DTDH “Roundup”).  Click here for the I-35 SYC Scorboard

What’s in the Fall 2017, Issue 35 of The Intake? Click either image below to view a full size preview of each page.

This Front Cover image is from our popular “Hun Fine Art” Collection. It’s a painting by a British street artist named Dion Pears that was bought by SSSer Bob Colman when he discovered it in London’s famous Covent Garden Market in 1971. On page 7, we have published Bob’s account of his encounter with the art and the artist (and his inspiration), the purchase itself (quite humorous in terms of barter and the  “coin of the realm”), and the 45-year journey of the art from London to its final resting place. That being the “Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit” in the Military Aircraft Restoration Society’s Air Museum at North Canton, OH. See picture at right.

Our featured article in this issue on page 9 is a four-pager by SSSer Lacy Breckenridge about the 523rd  TFS’s  deployment from Cannon AFB, NM, to the NATO air base at Chambley, France, in response to the Berlin Crisis of 1961. Lacy’s squadron was the first USAF combat flying unit to arrive in France to answer the call for more Tactical Air. We’ve published several stories about the Berlin Crisis of 1961, but we view this as “the definitive article” because of its length and the author’s rich reporting of details (both large and small) that provides the reader with a feeling of having been there themselves. Lacy’s “Prequel” sets the tone of the overall tale: ” ‘American people, don’t let them do this to us!’ With that short sentence from Lt. Jack Frantz, our busload of 27 fighter pilots broke out in loud spontaneous laughter—he broke the ice! Prior to that, it was a completely quiet, serious and somber atmosphere as we were being bused to our F-100s.” And so the saga begins; typical fighter pilot behavior . . . before they flew into harms way!

The second article mentioned on the front cover  is a long-lost article featuring the irrepressible SSSer known by many as Wee Willie Wilson who flew west on February 6, 2014. The lost article was written by a Starts & Stripes newspaper Staff Correspondent, MSGT. Bill Bradford, in 1967. We’re not sure if Bradford wrote the inside story “‘Count’ Flies Last Mission” entirely by himself, or if he simply wrote an introduction to the inner story that may have been given to him by Wee Willie himself. It doesn’t really matter, because the true Wee Willie Wilson shines through, regardless. And to we who knew him well  . . .  a tear comes easily, as we read the long lost “Count Wilson der Blitzkrieg von Phan Rang” saga on page 25. RIP, Willie.

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