Regular Membership

The Super Sabre Society is open to all F-100 Pilots, Wild Weasels, and Squadron Flight Surgeons.

The greatest benefit of membership is preserving the legacy of the first USAF aircraft capable of level supersonic flight, and it’s contributions in Close Air Support, Wild Weasel (Electronic Warfare), and  Misty Missions in Vietnam.  Our membership roster contains astronauts, a Medal of Honor Winner, three former USAF Chiefs, and former POW’s. Many of our members have lead lives of continued service to their communities and world affairs, even the entertainment industry. We have more than a few published authors in our ranks.

We’re unique from all the other cold war and Vietnam organizations in that we have 1000 online biographies and our own magazine available in both print and online form mailed three times per year.

Dues are $50 annually.  Currently, we have about 1100 members. The group holds biennial reunions. Our next reunion is planned for Las Vegas at the Tropicana Hotel in the Spring of 2021.

Associate Membership

Associate Members are nominated based on significant association with the F-100. Many of our associate members worked on the restoration, display, and maintenance of a museum F-100. Associate Members require the sponsorship of two current SSS members.

If are interested in joining as an associate member, please contact our SSS Membership Chair, Dewey Clawson @

Member Application

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