Missed MG Don Shepperd’s Book Club Event at AFHF on the 29th? You’ll get a 2nd Chance.

If you missed the AFHF Book Club Event on Zoom on August 29th, you’re in luck.

Dik Daso of the AFHF says it was recorded and will be available to view in about a month. It takes some time to edit the video for viewing, and you can check the AFHF website Book Club at https://www.afhistory.org/programs/book-club/.

Dik says Don’s “session sure was terrific!”.

Well Done, Shep!!!

Dik also told me that “The AFHF Book Club is run by Pepe Soto. His efforts revolve around the AFHF annual theme. This year we focused on the US in Vietnam. Next year the focus will shift to USAF and SF technology during the past 100 years.”

If any SSS member has written a book in either category, please let me know at mb.supersabresociety@gmail.com, and I will forward the email to the AFHF.

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