Byron Lichtenberg

Preferred Name: Byron
Nickname/Call Sign: Baron
Date Of Birth: 02-19-1948
Highest Military Grade Held: Lt. Col., O5
Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA

Civilian Education

  • B.S. Brown University, M.S. and Sc.D, MIT

Units Assigned

  • Jun 1969 – Jun 1970 UPT Williams AFB, AZ T-41, T-37, T-38
  • Aug 1970 – Mar 1971 4535th TTS, RTU, George AFB, CA F-4
  • Mar 1971 – Jun 1973 523 TFS Clark AB F-4 C/D/E
  • Apr- Jun 1975 – F-100 transition, 152d TFS, ANG, Tucson, ANGB, AZ F-100
  • Jun 1975-Dec 1992 131 TFS Barnes MAP MA ANG F-100 D/F, A-10

Military Education

  • USAF UPT, F-4 RTU, F-100 RTU


While not acting as a pilot, I flew two Space Shuttle missions as a Payload Specialist.
These were STS-9 on Columbia, called Spacelab-1, Nov-Dec 1983, and STS-45, on Atlantis called Atlas-1, Mar-Apr 1992.
I currently am a captain for Southwest Airlines.

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