Carlton B. Stoddard

Preferred Name: Bud
Nickname/Call Sign: Bud
Date Of Birth: 05-17-1921
Highest Military Grade Held: Captain
Hometown: Louisville, OH

Civilian Education

  • Manchester College, IN BS in Ed.
  • Indiana University, IN MS in Ed. Administration

Units Assigned

  • Nellis AFB, Aug. 1959-1961- F-100, T-33
  • Luke AFB 1961-1973- F-100, F-5, T-33
  • Langley AFB Aug. 1973- – F-15

Military Education

  • OCS, Ft. Benning, Ga. In WW II; various other Mil. Schools as a member of The Tactical Air Command.


Highest Military Grade held: Captain, USAR, WW II
At Nellis, worked with Fred Schwab, Waymand Nutt, and Hoot Gibson. At Luke worked with Bob Messerli, Mike Filliman, John Back, Gus Hendry. Gene Butler, Carl Schneider, and others I cannot recall. Proud Associate member of the Super Sabre Society. Flew in the F-105 at Mt. Home AFB, and one night bombing mission at Mac Dill AFB in the F-4. Loved flying and working with guys who are now my heroes.
I have flown all missions ( in training, and in the back seat) of the F-100. Civilians I know are envious of the career I had. And what a career!

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