David E. Webb

  Preferred Name: Dave Nickname/Call Sign: Dave Date Of Birth: 04-27-1942 Highest Military Grade Held: 15 Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Civilian Education

  • University of Toledo

Units Assigned

  • 180TFG OANG
  • 136TFS NYANG

Military Education

  • USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training ’63-’64


USAF Pilot Training, ’63-’64 F-84F’s, OANG ’63-’66 F-100C’s, NYANG ’66-’69 Recalled to active duty in ’68. Assigned to Tuy Hoa, RVN, 250 combat missions,’68-’69. Two DFC’s, Twelve Air Medals, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry w/Palm. Note: While at Niagara Falls I had the distinct honor, many times, of flying with Bud Day, then the units Air Force Advisor… Flew for thirty seven years for American Airlines, ’66-’02. Typed in DC-9, B-727, 757, 767 and 777. Also typed in C-47 and Lear 25.

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