Dennis P. Sharon

Preferred Name: Dennis
Nickname/Call Sign: Denny
Date Of Birth: 09-21-1935
Highest Military Grade Held: Colonel, O6
Hometown: Arcade,NY

Civilian Education

  • 1 yr Clarkson College
  • 4 yrs West Point
  • MS from Southern Cal.

Units Assigned

  • 1960-62 429 TFS Cannon AFB, NM F-100
  • 1963-65 92TFS RAF Bentwaters, UK F-101
  • 1965-68.1.1 455th,4456th CCTS Davis Monthan AFB, AZ F-4
  • 1968-69 13TFS, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand F-4
  • 1972-73 335th, 334th TFS, Seymour Johnson and Ubon RTAFB F-4,
  • 1977-78 56 TFW MacDill AFB, FL F-4.

Military Education

  • Pilot trng,
  • Survival School,
  • Norwegian Winter Survival School,
  • Water Survival,
  • Jungle Survival
  • National War College


Crossed both the Atlantic and the Pacific in the Hun – hairier than some of my combat missions in the Phantom

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