Edward A. Lloyd

Preferred Name: Ed
Nickname/Call Sign: Ed
Date Of Birth: 05-30-1934
Highest Military Grade Held: Col 06
Hometown: Charles Town, WV

Civilian Education

  • FED-Univ of Maryland

Units Assigned

  • 1954 Pre Flt Cadets Lackland AFB, TX.
  • 1954 UPT Primary Hondo AB, TX. PA-18, T-6D
  • 1956 UPT Basic Bryan AFB, TX. T-28, T-33
  • 1956 AW FTR. Interceptor Moody AFB, GA. T-33, F-94C
  • 1956 97th FIS New Castle CO. Aprt.,DE. F-94C, T-33,C-119
  • 1956 18th FIS Ladd AFB, Fairbanks, AK. F-89D, T-33
  • 1957 433FIS Ladd AFB, AK Fairbanks AK. F-89D, T-33
  • 1957 49th FIS Ladd AFB, AK Fairbanks AK. F-89D, T-33
  • 1957 1708th Ferrying WG. Kelly AFB, TX. T-33, F-94C, F100F
  • 1958 63rd ABG. Donandson AFB, SC. C-45, T-33
  • 1960 6139th ABG. Misawa AFB, JA. T-33
  • 1963 3532 PTS, Moody AFB, GA. T-33, T37, T-38C
  • 1966 4515th CCTS, Luke AFB, AZ. F-100F, C, D
  • 1967 614th TFS, Phan Rang, RVN F-100D, F
  • 1968 3615 PTS, Craig AFB, AL. T-38C
  • 1971 Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL.
  • 1972 Sembach AB, GE.
  • 1972 Hahn AB, GE. 50th OMS Sq. Comdr.
  • 1973 Hahn AB, GE. 50th TFW DCM F-4D/E
  • 1975 Bergstrom AFB, TX., 602nd TAIRCW LG/DCM O-2, OV-10, CH-53
  • 1977 Bergstrom AFB, TX. 12AF LG Staff
  • 1978 Kunsan AB, ROK 8th TFW DCM F-4D/E
  • 1979 Bergstrom AFB, TX. 602 TAIRCW/DCM O-2, OV-10, CH-53
  • 1980 Bergstrom AFB, TX. 67th TRW/DCM RF-4C
  • 1981 Retired

Military Education

  • USAF Air War College ’72


The tour in VN flying the F-100 was the most enjoyable of my career.
Felt I was finally getting to do what I had been trained for all those years.
Flew 505 hours combat and 320 missions. Did not have one abort in that year which was a testament to the quality of maintenance and dedication of the maintenance troops.
Purchased a 1948 Swift in ’99 and continue to fly teaching the guys the finer points of formation flying.

Ken Miles and Friends
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