Ewald G. Kruggel

Preferred Name: Glenn
Nickname/Call Sign: Glenn
Date Of Birth: 04-21-1926
Highest Military Grade Held: Colonel, O6
Hometown: Beaumont, CA

Civilian Education

  • Chaffey College 1948-1950

Units Assigned

  • 1945 gunner/radioman in the Philippines B17.
  • Basic training at Perrin AFB, TX, F-51s at Craig AFB, AL Class 51D.
  • Gunnery school at LukeAFB, AZ
  • 40th TIS in Japan.
  • 67th Recon Wing at Kimpo Korea. 98 missions Shot down once but successful E&E.
  • Cannon AFB, Clovis, NM flying F-51s with the Utah National Guard, F-80 Checkout.
  • 509th TFS Langley AFB, Virginia. T-33 and F-84g
  • 55th TFS, 20th TFW RAF Wethersfield, England F-84F and F-100D
  • USAFE at Wiesbaden AB, Germany
  • 1959-1962 ROTC Instructor Fayetteville AR T-33 and L-17 out of Tinker AFB, Okla.
  • Bitburg AB, Germany F-105 and F-4
  • Cam Rhan Bay, RVN. 208 missions (101 North) F-4
  • 434TFS CC George AFB, CA F4E
  • 12AF Bergstrom AFB, Austin TX. Asst Opns Officer
  • 1972 12AF Director of Safety
  • Director of Safety 13AF. Clark AFB Philippines.

Military Education

  • Aviation cadets 1944. The aviation program was shutting down so joined the enlisted ranks. went to gunnery school in Denver, radio school in N Dakota, radio school in Madison Wis. and electronics school in Champaign Il. 1950 Aviation Cadets, again.


Retired after 33 years. Moved back to my roots in California where I spent the next three years building houses.
I bought a Bellanca Decathlon for aerobatics and started building a Vans RV-4. The RV4 took me 10 years to complete. When that was finished, and with the urging of my wife we moved to Las Vegas NV as fully retired.
I flew the RV4 for 12 years until I hit some power lines chasing motor cycles over the desert. While pretty much damaged, I was able to land at a nearby airport. This was it. !!! I sold the wreck. My wife of 55 years grounded me and I took up playing golf again.

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