Geoffrey W. McCarthy

Preferred Name: Geff
Nickname/Call Sign: Fumes
Date Of Birth: 08-14-1941
Highest Military Grade Held: Colonel O6
Hometown: Mechanicville, NY

Civilian Education

  • USAFA 1963 – BS
  • MD, Albany Medical College, NY, 1974
  • Diploma in Aviation Medicine, Royal College of Physicians (London), 1992
  • MBA, University at Albany, NY, 2002

Units Assigned

  • 1964-1965 F-100 Long Course, 4517th CCTS, 4510th CCTW, Luke AFB, AZ F-100D
  • 1965-1966 417th TFS, 50 TFW, Ramstein AB, Germany F-100D (PCS to UK as I was “too young” to transition to front seat F-4!)
  • 1966-1968 492d TFS, 48th TFW, RAF Lakenheath, UK F-100D
  • 1968-1969 308th TFS , 31st TFW, Tuy Hoa AB, RVN F-100D (398 Hrs O-1)
  • 1971-1982 131st TFS, 104th TFG, Barnes ANGB, MA F-100, A-10
  • 1982-1985 Flight Surgeon/IP, 56th TFW, MacDill AFB, FL F-16 (1st pilot-physician Chief Aeromedical Services)
  • 1985-1988 Pilot-Physician/Med Group CC, 432nd TFW, Misawa AB, Japan F-16
  • 1988-1989 MedGroup/CC, Test Chase, USAF Flt Test Ctr, Edwards AFB, CA T-38
  • 1989-1993 Med. Officer/Pilot, Royal Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine, Farnborough, UK, IP Hawker/Hunter, Co-pilot Comet & others. Experiments and motion sickness desensitization missions for RAF.
  • 1993-1995 2nd Med Gp/CC, Barksdale AFB, LA
  • 1995-1997 Chief Scientist, USAF Armstrong Lab, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
  • 1997 – Retired 35+ years C- T210

Military Education

  • National Security Management 1979


Home Town: Mechanicville, NY, now Portland, OR
Took 40% pay cut to leave private medical practice in 1982 to fly and teach in the F-16.
Well worth it! F-16 is merely an F-100with lighter electronics and beaucoup more thrust!
Far easier to fly, too.

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