George Art Suro

Preferred Name: Art, Gecko
Nickname/Call Sign: Gecko, Jitney
Date Of Birth: 03-24-1943
Highest Military Grade Held: Lt Col
Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Civilian Education

  • Univ of Delaware
  • USAF Academy
  • Univ So Cal

Units Assigned

  • 309TFA
  • 307/612 TFS
  • 36TFS
  • 63/62 TFS

Military Education

  • SOS (C)
  • Armed Forces Staff College
  • National War College


Grad UPT 1967, Luke F-100 training, VietNam, consecutive overseas to Torrejon AB F-100/F-4E. AFIT, F-4/F-16 FMS WPAFB, F-4 checkout Homestaed, F-4 Osan AB, MacDill F-4/F-16. Commander 62 TFS. Married twice, Patricia died 2011 and Patricia.

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