Glenn L. Ramsdale, Jr.

Preferred Name: Glenn
Nickname/Call Sign: Rams
Date Of Birth: 12-07-1938
Highest Military Grade Held: Lt Col, O5
Hometown: El Paso, TX

Civilian Education

  • BS & MS

Units Assigned

  • Entered AF as Aviation Cadet class 61-G2 (last class of Aviation Cadets)
  • 1961-1962 F-100 Tng Luke AFB, AZ F-100
  • 1962 Advanced fighter training, Nellis AFB, NV F-100
  • 1962-1966 77TFS 20TFW RAF Wethersfield, UK F-100
  • 1962-1968 4510th/410th “Snopy Sqd” TFTS Luke AFB, AZ Instructor Pilot F-100
  • 1968 Fighter Weapons School Nellis AFB, NV (one ejection) F-100
  • 1968-1969 Wing Weapons officer 308TFS, 31TFW Tuy Hua AB, RVN, (245 missions) F-100
  • 1969 -1972 494TFS & 492 TFS, 48TFW RAF Lakenheath, UK
  •   Total of 3000 hours in the HUN
  •   upgraded to F-4 1972 (and flew till 1980 , 950 hours)
  • 1972 492 TFS RAF Lakenheath, UK F-4
  • 1972-74 USAFE Instructor Pilot 406th TFTW Zaragoza AB Spain F-4
  • 1974/75 Air Command & Staff College, Maxwell AFB,
    (drove from Montgomery AL to El Salvador on Pan American Hwy – cool trip)
  • 1975 1978 USAF Mil Group San Salvador, El Salvador. Commander AF Section & IP/advisor to Salvadoran AF (flew the French MD 450 Ourgan & Fuga Magistrar)
  • 1978-1980 401st TFW Torrejon AB Spain (Wing Weapons Officer, Chief of Stan Eval & ADO), attached to 612 TFS
  • 1980 1983 ALO Commander at Ft Stewart, GA
  • 1983/84 Wing Staff at OSAN AB ROK (token remote)
  • 1984/89 ASOC Director of Operations, Bergstrom AFB, TX
  • 1989 retired at Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX
  • 29years 6months 5 days total active duty

Military Education



One of a very few Brown Bar 2nd LT fighter pilots to show up in the 20th TFW “combat ready so to speak”.
At Tuy Hoa I flew regularly with all five Squadrons (two Nat Guard and three AF Squadrons).
I flew one (1) Misty Mission, 71 Laos Missions’ – got shot at a lot w/o result !, the rest all routine in-country. I got to see a lot of exotic & scenic spots like MuGia Pass, Xepon, Bat Lake, – came back from one mission overnighter in Thailand with little black night owls painted all over our 4 HUNs, by the F4 Night Owls – really p—ed off the DO.

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