Jerome M McChristian

Preferred Name: Jerry
Nickname/Call Sign: Jerry
Date Of Birth: 06-12-1940
Highest Military Grade Held: Capt. O3
Hometown: Odessa, TX

Civilian Education

  • BS Aero-Space Eng. University of Texas

Units Assigned

  • Dec 1964- Dec 1967 81 TFS/50 TFW Hahn AB, West Germany F100D & F4C
  • Feb. 1968- Feb. 1969 FAC 21st TASS Pleiku, RVN O-1/O-2 -336 missions
  • Feb. 1969- Feb. 1970 Instructor Pilot 4510th CCTS Myrtle Beach AFB, S.C, Fighter lead in for pilots transitioning to F-100 or F-105

Military Education



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