Lester Roberts

Preferred Name: Les
Nickname/Call Sign: Les
Date Of Birth: ??-??-1935
Highest Military Grade Held: Colonel, 06
Hometown: Sheridan, IN

Civilian Education

  • HS Civilian Correspondence Schools

Units Assigned

  • 1953- Joined as an Airman Basic…113th Fighter Sq. IND ANG Stout Field, Indianapolis. Later Terre Haute, IN. I advanced to Fighter Squadron Commander in 1971 as a Lt. Col. At this time, we were receiving the F-100D as a unit airplane. Thanks to excellent flight instructors, aircraft maintenance and other personnel, we managed to get everyone through transition without any scratches.
  • 05-1954 – Air Force Aviation Cadet Corps Class 55-T Preflight Lackland AFB, Primary: Bainbridge AB, Ga. (PA18 and AT6); Basic: Bryan AFB, TX.(T-28A; T-33) Graduated Aug. 1955.
  • 08-1955 – Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX Advanced Gunnery (T-33)
  • 10-1955 – Nellis AFB Las Vegas, NV. Advanced Gunnery (F-86E &F) (Blessee’s Cadillac Squadron) I became a Mach Buster in the F-86F at age twenty.
  • 12-1955 – Back to Terre Haute to check out in the F-80C.
  • 04-1956 – Checked out in the F86A
  • 04-1958 – Checked out in the F84F (Thirteen years in this Machine)
  • 09-1971 – Checked out in the HUN !! A great airplane, once I got rid of my F-84F habits. I managed to win the unit’s top gun award in 1972.

Military Education

  • Squadron Officers School and Industrial War College of the Armed Forces by correspondence


Home town: Born Sheridan, IN. Have lived in Carmel, IN for forty years.
Accidents/ Incidents in the military:
1958 Accident F-84F: (SHE DID NOT FLY AGAIN)
1961 Incident F-84F: In the Yuma, AZ. Area, I had a left main gear extension at 550 KIAS and four Gs.
The gear extended about 25 degrees beyond the downlocks. I took the barrier at Luke AFB on Rwy 04 at about 80K. The gear held up (SHE FLEW AGAIN)
1962, in the Indiana area. Engine Flamed out in an RF-84-F due to complete engine driven fuel pump failure. Deadsticked into Bunker Hill AFB (now Grissom). (SHE FLEW AGAIN)
11-1973 I retired from the IND ANG as the 113th TFS Commander and as a command pilot. (3,010 hrs)
1974 Transferred to the Air Force Standby Reserve.
1976- Retired from the Military.
As a civilian, I was a major airline pilot from July of 1957 to 1995 (38 years). I flew the world’s first four engine airliner, the DC-4. I also flew the world’s first turbo-prop airliner, the British Vickers Viscount. I have been flying airplanes continuously for 58 years and have accumulated 27,000 hours in airline and private flying. I currently own and fly an American Legend Cub. (A little slower cruise speed of 80K)
1995 to present: I have been a builder, contractor, developer, and landlord for myself.My family consists of my wife, three daughters, three sons in law, and three grandsons.
It is a pleasure being a member of the Super Sabre Society and I looking forward to attending the reunion in April 2011.

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