Erik Lund

Preferred Name: Erik

Nickname/Call Sign: Lue (“Lou”)

Date Of Birth: 03-12-1935

Highest Military Grade Held: Lt. Colonel

Hometown: Copenhagen, DK

Civilian Education

  • High school, Languages, Math and Physics.
  • Commercial Airline Pilots Licence.

Units Assigned

  • 1955 – 56 Elementary Flying School, Royal Danish Air Force DH Chipmunk
  • 1956 – 57 Basic and advanced Flying School, Royal Canadian Air Force Harvard, T-33
  • 1957 – 61 727th Fighter Bomber Sqdn, RDAF, Karup AB, Denmark F-84G, F-100D/F
  • 1961 – 63 RDAF Air Force Academy for perm. Commission T-33, F-100D/F
  • 1963 – 66 727th Fighter Bomber Sqdn, RDAF, Karup AB, Denmark F-100D/F, T-33
  • 1966 – 95 Joined the Air Force Reserve in a non flying capacity, only odd back seats. Air Liaison Officer to various Army Commands at F-100D/F, F-16 all levels.
  • 1966 – 92 First Officer and Captain for Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) DC-9, DC-10, MD-80

Military Education

  • Pilot training, Officers training, Air Force Academy for perm. Commission.


Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Danish Air Force Reserve After flying 11 years in the Air Force I chose to join civilian flying and moved permanently to Copenhagen with my family. While flying civilian I served more than 25 years as a reserve officer for which our Queen honored me with the Royal Chivalry Cross, medal for 25 years in the reserve and medal for service for Reserve Officers of Denmark. Besides the flying and the family, my interests have been yachting, drawing and painting. I enjoy visiting with family and relatives in US States of WA, NV and AZ.

Copenhagen, Denmark Flag: Denmark    

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