Robert H. Lampke

Preferred Name: Bob
Nickname/Call Sign: Bob
Date Of Birth: 04-11-1941
Highest Military Grade Held: Lt. Col.
Hometown: Cromwell, CT

Civilian Education

  • U of Dayton 1963

Units Assigned

  • 118th TFS CONNANG BDL F-100D/F 1965-1972
  • 163rd TFS INDANG FWA F-100D/F 1974-1979

Military Education

  • SOS Command & Staff


I joined the CONNANG in 1965 and after UPT flew the F-102A until the units conversion to the F-100D in 1970.
I also joined Eastern Airlines in 1968.
Transferred to the 106th FIS NYANG (FOK) F-102A 1972-1974, transferred to 163rd TFS INDANG (FWA) F-100D 1974-1979.
The unit transitioned into the F-4 C in 1979.
Lastly transferred to the PRANG (SJU) A-7D / F-16A in 1986 until retirement in 1989.

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