Quinlan, Michael J.

Michael J. Quinlan Preferred Name: Mike Nickname/Call Sign: Date of Birth: September 7, 1938 Highest Military Grade Held: Colonel Hometown: Stillwater, MN Biography Units - Education - Awards - Flight Info Photos Biography Units Assigned 1960 Entered USAF 1963-1965 309th Tactical Fighter Squadron/31st Tactical Fighter Wing (F-100) 1965-1967 81st Tactical Fighter Squadron/50th Tactical Fighter Wing …

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Quinlan, David L.

David L. Quinlan   Preferred Name: Dave Nickname/Call Sign: Date of Birth: October 24, 1933 (January 10, 2017) Highest Military Grade Held: Major General Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Biography Units - Education - Awards - Flight Info Images Headed West Biography Major General David L. Quinlan, was Air National Guard Assistant to CINCUSAFE at the headquarters …

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Quick, James M.

James M. Quick   Preferred Name: Jim Nickname/Call Sign: Condor Date of Birth: Highest Military Grade Held: Hometown: Biography Units - Education - Awards - Flight Info Images Video Articles Biography Units Assigned 531 TFS 493 TFS 492 TFS 4511CCTS 162TFG Awards & Decorations Flight Info Military Education Civilian Education Jim Quick finds his F-4! Https://www.kafbnucleus.com/people/ret-pilot-finds-fighter-he-flew-over-vietnam/article_e33f0602-38a0-11e6-af38-a38fa080c1fc.html …

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