Dave Skilling heading to Vietnam….Again

Super Sabre SocietySSS’r Dave Skilling will soon on another foray into Vietnam.  On April 13, eleven Fighter Pilots (mostly Navy) will meet with Viet pilots of our era in Hanoi.  Two of the Viets are retired LtGen’s.  The Navy guys are asking to meet with adversaries from specific engagements.

The group has requested to visit Kep Airlfield and day will tour Hanoi.  They plan  day after, we’ll tour target bridges and another spots.

On a side trip, He’ll depart with 3 others to Don Hoi (Route Pack 1, on the coast), for a tour of the Dong Nga Caves and possibly the Paradise Cave.  The following day down the western Pack 1 slow, scenic road, to Khe Sahn.  Next day to Tchepone, Old Tchepone, the Laotian war museum at Ban Dong, and everything along the way. Then down through the Au Shau Valley to Danang.  The other three will continue south, and I will depart (been there, done that, further south).

Dave plans to provide more info, and we’ll update this SSS page.
If you are intersted email Dave at: abbyndavid@aol.com


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