Election Day Policy and Process

Super Sabre Society

Election Policy & Process

26 May, 2018


The CEO of the Super Sabre Society shall appoint a three-person Election Committee, comprised of members not currently serving on the Board of Directors, to implement the necessary processes to conduct any general election of the Board Members and Officers of the Super Sabre Society. The CEO will designate one of the appointees as Election Committee Chairman IAW the SSS bylaws.

Under direction of the CEO, the Committee shall provide oversight of the entire election process, to include notification of the membership of the open seats, the period for nominations to be submitted, the closing of the nomination period and the gathering of names of nominees. They shall also inform the membership of the names of the nominees, and the opening and closing of the voting period. The committee shall confirm the integrity of the voting process, and will insure a two-man concept is applied to the counting of votes. The Committee shall also oversee any other balloting that may from time to time be required at the direction of the CEO.

Any member may nominate one candidate for each elected Board of Directors or Officers position of the Corporation. Candidates may run for only one position.


Notice of the appointment of the Election Committee, along with a summary of the election process and a call for nominations, shall be published in the July issue of The Intake, and via email/web site which will be issued simultaneously. The period for nominations to be submitted shall be 45 days.

The Committee will confirm the eligibility of those nominated, and confirm that the nominees wish to run for that office. The nominees will be asked to submit a photograph and a biography/campaign statement, not-to-exceed one 8.5 x 11 page document, to the election committee, who will then have that data posted on the SSS website during the voting period.

On or about 1 October, the Committee will send an electronic message informing the general membership that the voting period has begun, and that the voting period will close on 31 October. Those members with email may submit their votes through the web site. Members without email will be mailed a ballot and copy of the nominees’ bio and campaign statement.

Results of the voting will be validated by the Election Committee and sent to the general membership. The results will also be published in the next issue of The Intake.

Those elected will take office On 1 January IAW the SSS bylaws.

Other than their photos and bios/campaign statements on the SSS web site and distributed via US Mail, candidates (or their surrogates), including incumbents, will not be allowed to use SSS communication assets such as mass emails to further their campaign. They may, however, use Membership List data to contact members individually.

Electronic ballots will be submitted using the Survey Monkey, SSS web site, or similar software approved by the CEO. Balloting conducted with the Survey Monkey will be accomplished using the email reply feature, thus allowing only one vote per person. Paper ballots will be matched with email responses to prevent duplication. Should multiple votes be recorded, both votes will be declared void.

The Election Committee will individually certify the election results to the Board of Directors and, except for the vote totals, will not release the spreadsheet tabulations outside the Committee.

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