Do This For Your Family…Is your SSS Biography Up To DATE?

A new guestbook entry on the Misty website by William Jones (son of Glenn Jones, Misty #3), will remind us of how important it is to share our history with our families and the public at large. 
“Thanks to all who work to keep this site updated, and to preserve and celebrate the “Misty Story”. My father was Glenn Jones, Misty 3. I have had the privilege of meeting many Misty pilots during my childhood, and even up through my young adult life. Looking back, as I am now the same age as my father was when he passed, it makes me smile to realize that to us, his family,  he was just “Dad”…
Throughout my young life, my parents attended many Misty Reunions, but I never understood what that meant; I only remember how “sacred” that get-together seemed to be to them. Dad carried himself like any average working stiff (such as myself), so it wasn’t until after his death that I came to understand that he was a War Hero, and a “Stud”. 
One particular memory I have that enlightened me regarding the importance of the Misty Brotherhood in my Dad’s life was when my family and I went to visit my folks in Arrowhead Springs, California in the early nineties. Well, P.K.Robinson and his lovely wife Rita showed up for a visit while we were there, and I got to sit in on my first (and last) “Misty War Stories” debriefing. 
I have not, before or since, seen my father so animated during a discussion, and P.K. seemed pretty wound up as well. That was the first time I truly understood who my father really was, and I’m grateful for that experience.”
You can check the post at Https:// If you would like Glenn’s email address, please contact Win Reither.
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