Happy Independence Day

Another 4th of July is here and many of us remember that Independence is what we fought for, sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances and with great sacrifice.

I just spent two wonderful days in Yellowstone National Park with my grandson, and it caused me to reflect on this beautiful country, our great people, our resources and freedoms.  There were thousands of tourists from all over the world there enjoying what many of us take for granted.

It also gets me thinking about how “in dependence” we are of so many things in our life. We’re in dependence on the Earth for clean air and water; we’re in dependence to our world leaders for peace and fair and beneficial governance; we’re in dependence on people for manufacturing, technology, agriculture, and medical care.

In an organization of our size and scope, we’re also “in dependence” of one another. Each of us is equally responsible for carrying on our history, preserving our legacy and even more important, keeping up with our membership. It is our responsibility to check on our friends, making certain they are happy and well, or in time of trouble or sorrow, made to feel as if someone who has known them a long time is keeping them in their thoughts or helping in some way.

On this Independence Day, think of your buddies who trained and fought with you solely for the purpose of freedom. If you haven’t spoken to a pal for a while, give them a call (member phone numbers are available on the database).

Keep close those you love, reach out to those who served with you and have a happy and joyful 4th of July.

Tom Griffith, SSS President

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