Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

sss-thanks-givingAs we sit down today with family and friends for meals of turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce, we are reminded that there are many things for which to be thankful:

We are thankful that our forefathers founded a great nation based upon freedom.

We are thankful that wise men along the way saw fit to preserve the Union.

We are thankful that courageous men in history fought to save our way of life against those who wished to take it away.

We are thankful that our nation saw fit to trust us to serve in its military and let us fly its airplanes. 

We are thankful that Les Frazier founded this great organization.

We are thankful for the many who have worked to serve the Super Sabre Society and maintain our camaraderie and legacy.

We are thankful you have chosen to be a member.

AND, perhaps most of all, at this stage of life, we are just thankful for each other – thanks for your friendship, your leadership, your laughs, your lies and for being part of the greatest way of life a good and gracious God could ever design – MILITARY AVIATION – ONWARD AND UPWARD!

From the Board and officers of the Super Sabre Society – Happy Thanksgiving

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