Bob Konopka Family Services and Interment Schedule

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Bob Konopka’s service w/ Rob,Kathy,Sally, Shep,Jeff and Kim 12 Sept 2018


St. Edwards Catholic Church in Dana Point California.

Interment with Military Honors was on 13 Sept at 11:00 AM at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

San Diego, CA Lunch to follow at San Diego Yacht Club

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Bob graduated at the top of pilot training class 67G to fly the F-100 with the 615TFS at Phan Rang during the 1968  TET offensive and volunteered for the Misty F-100 detachment while his wife Sally watched over, Kath, Kim, Rob, and Jeff.

Afterward, Bob flew F-100s and F-4Es with the 613th TFS and volunteered to fly a second combat tour flying the F-105G Wild Weasel mission from Thailand. He graduated from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and landed a below the zone promotion while assigned to the Fighter Division (near the purple water fountain) in the Pentagon and transitioned to the F-16 with classmate Ron Fogleman (later Air Force Chief).

His last job was as the Vice Commander of the 474th TFW under USAF Thunderbird Mike Kerby.  Bob thrived in California working for Ford Aerospace Lockheed Martin, and Viasat until he retired in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Bob has been married to Sally for 57 years and is the grandfather of 13.

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