Dale Smith headed west

We just learned that Dale “DogEasy” Smith headed west Jan 17, 2015 after an unsuccessful bout with Cancer. He Served with the 90th TFS at Bien Hoa and was awarded at least one Silver Star, and was a SSS member (without a bio).

Dale is survived by his wife Irene and lived in Springfield, VA.

Thee last email from Dale was:

From: Dale Smith [mailto:dogeasyusaf@aol.com]
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 2014 6:53 PM
To: Richard Pietro
Subject: Re: SSS Banquet

My wife, Irene. The guest is Sam Hubbard, retired USN, with F-100F time. Looking forward to the  banquet. Undergoing Chemo treatment for colon cancer,  survivor of WWII ,Korea, and Vietnam Nam. Kind of touch and go but God willing, I will be there. How about Les Leavoy, we deployed to Vietnam Nam together. Any word on whether or not he will make it? Thanking you in advance for your efforts.

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