Issue 43 of The Intake should be on your doorstep, though with the virus, it’s taking longer in some places.

Medley Gatewood and JJ Schulz have once again produced our favorite publication with news and great stories.

The Summer 2020 Issue 43 has a lot to keep you enthralled.

The beautiful photo of “Huns Dancing on Puffy Cumulus Clouds” was sent by Gene Bures who said it was taken in 1965 around Hahn AFB. For more about the photo get out your copy or go to

There’s an article that continued from the last edition about the F-100 C model on Page 13.

For photos of dashing fighter pilots go to “The Way We Were” which starts on Page 20. (A fan favorite!)

Jim Brasier talks about “Wheelus AB and the Six-Day War, June 1967” a great read on Page 22.

Page 25 is where we find Don Morrison’s “An Early Da Nang War Story” under the heading “Not Quite the Dumbest Thing I Did in a Hun”.

These are just a few of the terrific articles in this issue.

As always, thank you Medley, JJ, and the others who put this journalistic jewel together!


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