Misty 50th Reunion After Action Report


Elderly fighter pilots with 33dFW, 58thFS F-35s at Eglin – all ready for combat

Our former Misty “admin clerk,” Joe Caruso, MSgt USAF (GS-13, ret.) created a dynamite program for our 50th reunion of the Misty F-100 Fast FACs of the Vietnam War. 68 Mistys, and their spouses attended.

The Ramada Beach Resort treated us splendidly with soft pillows, air conditioning, a dedicated “Whisky Room” for war stories.  There was even a sparkling beach for those with the courage to wear their bikinis and Speedos. Reunion hats and shirts provided by Dan Brown (Misty 143) adorned us. Great southern redneck fried seafood and raw oysters provided “gastronomic delights”.

The excellent Eglin Armament Museum tour provided a look at our past, and the 33rd Fighter Wing gave us a splendid look at our present Air Force, with close looks at the F-35. A beer call meeting with the 58th FS reminded us that fighter pilots remain the same – aggressive and unholy, with a penchant for beer.

Eglin Armament Museum – a really great museum

Morning golf was organized by Dave Thompson (Misty 149); an afternoon business meeting and a final casual banquet launched and noteworthy dinner buffet with fine wines by Lanny Lancaster (Misty 44). There was an invocation by POW Guy Gruters (Misty 29) and POW remembrances by PK Robinson (Misty 45).

Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott’s grandson – F-35IP – obviously not old enough to drive!

Additionally, a speech by Dick Rutan (Misty 40), on the history of Misty and what it was “really” like on a Misty mission, and remarks by Colonel Max Moga, Commander 33d FW on today’s Air Force, its people, challenges, and missions brought the evening to a close.

Misty First lady, Dorrie Day

Special attendees were Gen. USAF (Ret.) Ron Fogleman, 15th Chief of Staff, United States Air Force (Misty 86), and wife “Miss Jane”; BGen USAF (Ret.) Steve Ritchie, the only Air Force pilot Ace of the Vietnam War, and wife Mariana, and Ms. Nancy Whitford Eger and husband, Bill. Nancy is the daughter of Larry Whitford (Misty 136/Misty Commander #11), who is still MIA.


With Ron Fogleman, 15th Air Force Chief of Staff and “Miss Jane,” Steve Ritchie. only USAF Vietnam pilot ACE, and wife “Mariana”

Our most sincere thanks to all who made this reunion possible and all who traveled to gather with friends.

Respectfully, Shep (Misty 34)


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