PBS Series “The Vietnam War”

I had a great time meeting General Shepperd and General McPeak at the preview of the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary “The Vietnam War” in Washington, DC this week. Don Shepperd was the perfect host and General McPeak had us all laughing prior to the showing of the film. Both Tony McPeak and Chuck Boyd who flew F-100’s were consultants on the documentary and provided acute insight. Gen McPeak is featured in several episodes.

It was also a pleasure to be introduced to General Chuck Boyd who was at this preview. The following video although not in the film, is a look into his memories on the Vietnam War and his 2488 days being a POW. https://vimeo.com/149465385 .

Ken Burn’s film is a work of art, look for it on PBS this Fall. It is an 18-hour documentary over 10 episodes. It tells the story of the Vietnam War from the viewpoint of the United States, North and South Vietnam, from servicemen to civilians from PAVN to POW’s. It will be essential to view it in its entirety. You can also purchase the documentary on Amazon (best price found)

Super Sabre Society members have the opportunity to share their memories of Vietnam and other assignments on the SSS website. It is vital that your story is told, the history of F-100 pilots will only be complete when all the chapters have been written.

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