Rolling Thunder – Amazing Photos by Cade Martin.

You’ll likely see some familiar faces in Cade Martin’s photo essay “Over War”.  The amazing portraits and quotes feature some of our SSS members such as Moose Skowron, Bob Gadd, Bill Hosmer, Ben Bowthorpe, Chuck Boyd, Mack Angel, and others.

The photo gallery is a pictorial of F-105 pilots from the Rolling Thunder campaign.

Cade Martin writes:

“Operation Rolling Thunder was the code name for an American aerial bombing campaign during the Vietnam War. U.S. military aircraft attacked targets throughout North Vietnam from March 1965 to October 1968.

Over 2,000 aircraft attacked thousands of targets, dropping more than 7 million tons of bombs. The gradual and sustained aerial bombing campaign ranks as one of the most massive in U.S. history.

For years, in the face of so many loud voices taking stock and making record of this controversial war, the men who flew the missions have been notably silent.

Over War is a portrait series that reveals the scope and reality of the conflict from their unique vantage point flying over the war below.

They have shared their history and their experience mainly amongst themselves. A living brotherhood holding tight to what they saw over the course of a war. While the war is long over, they remain shaped by what they witnessed.

Now, with this project, they let us in. Their silence is broken.

These are the Thunderchief F-105 Air Force pilots of Operation Rolling Thunder.


The quality of the photos is unparalleled. Take some time and visit the site.

Click here to visit the site: Overwar | Cade Martin Photography

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