SSS Dues Increase Assures Our Legacy

Fellow Hun Jocks,

Some of you may have anticipated this since it was brought up at the General Membership meeting in Dayton but, effective today, the SSS will be increasing dues to $35/yr. You will be “grandfathered” if you have prepaid for future years. The dues for 2015 remain at $25 but for 2016 and beyond they are $35. This decision was made after considerable discussion by your board of directors and officers on 29 September.

The increase is needed because of expenses for the Intake, the SSS website, attorney’s fees, awards, reunions, distinguished guests dinners/lodgings, photographers, posters, banners and various things for the benefit of the SSS. We also have future plans for a “Last Man Standing” type of display cabinet that will be a part of our reunions and eventually end up as a permanent museum display, much like that of the Doolittle Raiders. The Society also subsidizes some Items at reunions to help control costs for the members.

Ten dollars a year (less than 3 cents a day) should be affordable for most of us. Also, as time goes by there will be fewer of us paying dues and we want to be sure that we can protect the legacy of the Super Sabre and the men who flew her.

All the best,


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