Statistics Show Popularity of Super Sabre Society Website

The 2017 average rate for time on any website is 50-60 seconds. Readers who “bounce” meaning that they open the page and don’t click on anything spend only 5 seconds on a site.

The latest statistics for the Super Sabre Society website show that visitors spend an average of 16.5 minutes, that’s minutes, not seconds, on our site. Site visits come from all over the world. Why? Because they’re reading our bios and then looking at other available information.

As an SSS member, your story is having an impact! We are at an all-time high for readership and it’s only the beginning. As we offer more pilot stories visits to the site will continue to increase. The website is growing in scope as the de facto place for all things F-100. It has, by its very nature become a learning tool for non-members and the public at large. There is no other comparable venue to learn about our aircraft, our service, and our contributions.

And it’s all thanks to your willingness to tell your story and share your information and for the combined effort of all who post, comment and contribute.

As members “head west” their stories will persist through generations to come, and the legacy of the first-century series supersonic jet will persist thanks to Mary Elizabeth “MB” Barrett’s work and stories in The Intake. This is a long-term effort supported in part by your membership dues. Please review your bio, and if doesn’t have a “pilot story” yet, Email, MB Barrett and schedule an interview. 

See the latest, greatest, pilot stories here…and don’t forget to check our Facebook page.

Onward and Upward!

Win Reither

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