The Intake, Issue 24 | Hun Landmark Tour Collection | “The Misty Mystique”

I-24 Preview-1


The latest Intake Journal is out. If you didn’t get one… join the SSS!

Issue 24, Spring 2014, of our journal, “The Intake,” is now published and on its way to you via USPS First Class (or not at all) as of yesterday, 11 March. Ahead of schedule and under budget, it features an article from the March 2013 Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine by Mark Bernstein titled “The Misty Mystique.” Also, SSS’r Dick Baughn weighs in with an outstanding history lesson about the first USAF tactical nuclear force spearheaded by the 20th FBW in England who pioneered upside-down dive bombing, aka OTS nuke deliveries…and the dreaded eye patch in everyone’s alert missions bags. Look for you full copy of this exciting edition soon!

SSS Member Quotes on The Intake: “Can’t get over how ya’ll keep raising the bar and still jump over it with each new edition.  Well done!” — John Houser

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