Elections are only a few months away. Members will be advised of candidates and voting dates as they near. Make certain you know the candidates and VOTE!!!!

Keep watching the website. Thanks to Jack Paddock, our SSS website designer, and Mary Elizabeth “MB” Barrett, we’ve collected 1000 profile pages thus far. (MB added 29 new bio pages in May and 23 in July, while also updating more than 60 others). The bios are the most visited area on the website, not only by our members but by visitors to the site.   Just recently, SSS member Leo Mansuetti, learned from one of his children that a google search led them to Grandad Leo’s SSS biography.  If you haven’t added or updated your bio, please do it now, before we have to add your “Headed West” story! You can email your information to MB directly at mbbarrett2020@gmail.com or to winreither@gmail.com or use the form in the Members Area of the website.

Additionally, the Legacy Team is compiling bios for all F-100 MIA/KIA’s. Please look at the following list, if you have information about any of these persons or know of others, please send an email to Win.
Capt Glen Raymond Morrison
Capt Melvin Rupert Ellis
1Lt John Peter Skoro
Capt  William Ray Gower
Capt Louis Kenneth Kanaar
1Lt Gary Phelps Offutt
1Lt John Charles Hauschildt
Capt Robert Douglas Trier (KIA)
1Lt Richard Lee Goudy
Capt William D. Canup
Charles Edward McLeish
Charlie Kollenberg
Mike Caudil
Maj J. C. Nabors
1/Lt Peter J Yeingst
1/Lt Victor H Thompson III
Capt David C Lindberg
Capt Richard E Woodson
Maj Duncan P Smyly
Capt Roland R Obenland
Michael Donald McGovern
Clive Garth Jeffs
Peter Gibney Moriarty
Joseph Stanley Smith
William Carl Buerk
Benjamin Gaines Lang
Robert F. Ronca
George C. Smith
Frank Everett Bennett
Darryl Gordon Winters
James A Magnusson, Jr.
Lawrence Thomas Holland
Ronald J. Ward
Paul Douglas Strahm
Darryl Gordon Winters (F-100 photographer)

We appreciate your help with this project. We are “building a testament to the men who did not come back. Who they were. How they died. And to the extent possible, measuring whether their deaths held meaning, given that their lives were sacrificed for outposts that probably never should have been built.” (excerpted from “Dear fellow veterans: Tell your war stories” by May 29, 2016 ) 


The SSS website is the “top spot for news and information”. If anything is happening, you’ll see it here first! If you have news, send it ASAP.

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