The SSS website is “the top spot for news and information”.

In June, dozens of SSS members will push the stick button and taxi Dean Cutshall’s pristine F-100F from the Fort Wayne Airport Aero Center. Flyers and observers can watch this action-filled week from near the runway and should sign up at this link on our website.

Keep watching the website. Thanks to Jack Paddock, our SSS website designer, and Mary Elizabeth “MB” Barrett, we’ve collected 1000 profile pages thus far. (MB added 29 new bio pages last month and is on her 13th already this month). The bios are the most visited area on the website, not only by our members but by visitors to the site.   Just this week, SSS member Leo Mansuetti, learned from one of his children that a google search led them to Grandad Leo’s SSS biography.  If you haven’t added or updated your bio, please do it now, before we have to add your “Headed West” story! You can email your information to MB directly at or to or use the form in the Members Area of the website.

We’re also looking ahead to the San Antonio reunion in late April 2019. The SSS Reunion committee is planning a great event, we’ll visit the Riverwalk in San Antonio and other historic attractions. Stay tuned to the SSS website and check your email for updates on this event.

The SSS website is the “top spot for news and information”. If anything is happening, you’ll see it here first!