A Special This Day in History – May 14, 2020 – Two 100 jocks, Doug Weidman, Misty 63, and Reb Guillot, both flew at Phu Cat, and both “Headed West” on May 14, 2020.

4 May 2020 The SSS loses 2 friends, 2 sisters lose their husbands, and Tucson loses 2 valued citizens.

Here is the info currently available from Shep – I saw Doug about a month ago, hale and hearty. He felt bad, went in for medical attention, and apparently had a type of blood infection and a heart valve problem – was put into the NW Tucson hospital and died two days later on 14 May of some type of embolism, unclear at this time. Doug was very active on the shooting scene in Tucson, I saw him many times working at the gun range SE of the city, rifles, pistols, trap, and skeet.

Now an interesting twist in the story – I got a call from Rob Guillot, the son of Reb Guillot, another Tucson retired fighter pilot and former F-100 pilot at Phu Cat. Reb also passed away this morning, 14 May, of the effects of advanced Parkinson’s. Reb and Doug were both in the 612th at Phu Cat AB, Vietnam before Doug went to Misty. After one mission which Reb led, Reb showed Doug a picture of his wife’s sister and said – she’s a good-looking girl, you ought to marry her – Doug did, so Doug is Rob Guillot’s (Reb’s son’s) uncle – six degrees of separation.

We lost two good fighter pilots and good men, married to sisters here in Tucson today (14 May). Rob says Missy Weidman and Susan Guillot are both in Tucson and the family members are all in contact – clearly, an unexpected and shocking event – life goes on but it’s a sadder world – RIP – Shep


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