Today in History – March 2, 1965 – Hayden Lockhart Shot Down; J.A. Cullen ejects from F-100D

March 2, 1965 – Hayden Lockhart was shot down and forced to eject over North Vietnam. He evaded capture until March 12, 1965. He is believed to be the first Air Force POW of the Vietnam War.

Lockhart was the first Air Force pilot captured in the North and the third American captured in North Vietnam. By the summer of 1965, more than thirty American airmen had been killed or were presumed missing in action and a dozen had been captured. For more about this story go to

On the same day, Lt. J.A. Cullen was forced to eject from his F-100D after encountering heavy fire over North Vietnam. Cullen was serving with the 428th TFS/401 TFW. He was rescued by a USAF Helo and sustained minor injuries.

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