Today in History – March 5 – A day of losses for the F-100

1966 – Capt. P.V. McCallum with the 416th TFS out of Tan Son Nhut Air Base ejects over South Vietnam after gunfire hits his F-100. He is recovered and is uninjured.

1969 – Lt. Col C.J. Kertsesz flying with the 27th TFS out of Phu Cat is forced to eject from his F-100D after receiving a hit from 37/57mm anti-aircraft artillery. He sustains injuries to his feet and is recovered by the US Army.

1970 – Major Robert Page Rosenbach disappears over water 16 km North-Northeast of Tuy Hoa AB following a missed approach. He is KIA. He had been serving with the 308th TFS.

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