Today in History – April 23, 1968 and April 23, 1969 – 2 F-100 pilots crash, 1 is KIA, the other recovered

23 April 1968Major Amos Oliver Fox was assigned to Phan Rang AB. Fox was from Birmingham, AL and was serving with the 7th Air Force, 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, 615th Tactical Fighter Squadron. He had enlisted in the Air Force and entered through the Regular Military. He began his tour on July 23, 1967. (1)

“On April 23, 1968, MAJ Fox was on approach to Phan Rang in a USAF North American F-100D Super Sabre (#55-2923) when he reportedly flew into some clouds and hit a ridgeline. Fox was killed in the crash. After the incident, the approach to the airbase was redrawn.” (2)Amos is buried at All Saints Episcopal Church Cemetery in Pawleys Island, SC.

23 April 1969 – One year after the loss of Maj Fox, 1LT Robert M. Hargett is flying F-100D #563335 out of Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam. On a mission, the aft fuselage is hit by small arms fire and he is forced to eject.

Hargett suffers minor injuries and is rescued by an Army helo.



(2)Taken from and information provided by Richard Buickerood (October 2019)

Other information from Dewey’s database.

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