Today in History – April 30, 1967 – 4 P.O.W.’s names are released

30 April 1967 “On Monday, 11 MIGs were destroyed on the ground or in the air during attacks against two MIG airfields. It was the largest toll of enemy aircraft in a single day in the war so far. Navy pilots downed two of the jets and Air Force Pilots destroyed a third. Eight were destroyed on the ground…In a belated report, headquarters in Saigon disclosed three Thunderchiefs were lost over North Vietnam. Two were downed by MIG-21s. Four crew members are missing. (These are losses reported on 30 April: MAJOR LEO THORSNESS(POW); CAPTAIN HAROLD JOHNSON(POW); 1LT BOB ABBOTT(POW); and CAPTAIN JOE ABBOTT(POW)…)”


30 April 1969 Major R.C. Gibson is flying F-1ooD(#563075) out of  Phu Cat with the 416th TFS when he is forced to eject after being hit by gunfire.

Gibson is injured and rescued by Army Helo.


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