Today in History – August 8, 1969 – 1Lt E.L. Daniel ejects from F-100D #553581

8 August 1969 – 1Lt E.L. Daniel was assigned to the 614TFS/35TFW out of Phan Rang AB, Vietnam. On a mission over SVN, Daniel’s F-100D was hit by gunfire. He ejected and was rescued by an Army Helo. He is uninjured.

8 August 1985 – A USAF LTV A-7D Corsair II, 69‑6198, of the 4450th Tactical Group, lost power, caught fire and crashed into Midwest City, a suburb of Oklahoma City, OK. Pilot Maj. Dennis D. Nielson stayed with the aircraft as he attempted to steer it towards a less-populous area before ejecting, but the fighter impacted a house, killing one, injuring one, with one missing, said a United Press International report. The second victim was found on 9 August. This unit was secretly operating Lockheed F-117 Nighthawks at this time. (1)

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