Today in History – November 30, 1957 – Capt Benny Lacombe killed in U-2 Crash

30 November 1957 – Capt Benny Lacombe is killed when he unsuccessfully attempts to bail out of Lockheed U-2A, 56-6704, Article 371, 13 miles SE of Laughlin AFB. Ejection seats had not yet been fitted to U-2s at this point.

The history of the U-2 program is fraught with fatalities and crashes. “CIA pilots Wilburn S. RoseFrank G. Grace, and Howard Carey each died in the crash of his U-2 aircraft during test flights in 1956. Eugene “Buster” Edens and Walter Ray, also Agency pilots, lost their lives when the U-2 and A-12 aircraft they were piloting crashed in 1965 and 1967 respectively.”

For a video about why the U-2 is called the Dragon Lady click here.


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