Today in History – November 7, 1971 – F-4 and F-106A crash in mid-air near Nellis.

November 1971 –  A USAF McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II and a USAF Convair F-106A-130-CO Delta Dart, 59-0125, of the 84th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, Hamilton AFB, CA, suffer mid-air and crash in isolated areas near Nellis AFB, NV.

Henry Viccellio

All three crew eject and survive. The F-4 crew, Maj. Henry J. Viccellio and Maj. James A. Robertson, okay. The Phantom comes down 35 miles from Caliente, NV. The F-106A Delta Dart attempts recovery to Nellis but pilot Maj. Clifford L. Lowrey ejects eight miles NE of the base.

Source: Wikipedia Portal:Aviation

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