Today in History – October 1, 1965 – 1Lt Gary Phelps Offutt is KIA after his F-100 crashes

1 October 1966 – Gary Phelps Offutt was a young 1Lt from Stewartsville, MO. On October 1, 1965, he was the pilot of a North American Super Sabre Fighter (F-100D #553543) on a strafing mission near Can Tho, South Vietnam when his aircraft was hit by hostile fire and went into a dive. He was unable to eject before crashing into the ground. His remains were recovered on April 11, 1995, and identified on March 6, 1997.

Gary is buried at Cameron Memory Garden Cem, Caldwell Co, MO.

Sources: VietnamWallofFaces, TogetherWeServed

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