Today in History – October 13, 1922 – Pilot wins $1200 in National Air Race.

13 October 1922 – The National Air Races were held at Selfridge Field (now, the Selfridge Air National Guard Base) near Mount Clemens, Michigan, from 8 to 14 October of that year.  First place had gone to  Theodore J. Koenig flying a Packard Lepère L USA C.II biplane and second place to Major Follet Bradley in his DH.4B. Lt. William C. Boyd was flying a DH-4B and it was said that “He flew a perfect race, averaging 122 miles an hour in every one of the ten laps. Army men said this was a remarkable achievement.

These races were so popular that an estimated 200,000 people watched the race.

Koenig won $1200, Bradley won $600 and Boyd won $200.

Source: ThisDayinAviation by Bryan R. Swopes.

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